Oxford Actors' Network

Meetings are usually held on 1st Tuesday of the month. Contact info@oxford-actors.net for information

If you prefer you can also use this document:

OAN Application form - Word

Please use the on-line form or e-mail applications if possible.


Applying for membership

  • The Oxford Actors' Network is open to all trained actors and those with a professional interest in the performing arts.
  • Our aims are:
    • to provide a network and discussion forum for actors in Oxford and surrounding counties.
    • to support the development & well being of actors
    • to act as a catalyst for theatrical endeavours
  • To facilitate meetings & workshops
  • To provide a point of contact for producers looking for a cast.

OAN is network for trained, practising actors and theatre professional and aims to provide a framework of development & social activities for those in Oxfordshire and surrounding counties in order to support all aspects of the art of acting.

OAN organises monthly workshops, master classes and meetings.

Membership is by application which is reviewed by the membership committee.

Membership will usually only be accepted provided the following criteria are met:

  • Training at a recognised drama school or equivalent
  • Recent experience of professional theatre
  • Actively seeking professional work
  • Membership of a relevant professional body, e.g. Equity

The membership committee may in some circumstances approve applications which do not meet all the above criteria. However, we may require evidence in support of your professional experience. This would broadly equate to that required for membership of Equity, e.g. a copy of a contract for recent relevant work or other similar documentation.

Members must agree to be subscribed to the OAN electronic mailing list and pay the annual subscripton fee (£10).

Members are entitled to attend all events organised by or on behalf of OAN and agree to pay any attendance fee where not covered by the annual subscription.

Members may choose to have their name listed on the OAN website and are also entitled to have any additional information and headshot listed as per the current format.

Members are encouraged to participate in the organisation and running of all events and offers to lead workshops are particularly welcome.

If you would like to apply for membership of OAN, please complete this form.

(Your personal information will not be shared with any other organisation.)

Your Name:

Your Professional name:
(If different from above)

Your e-mail address:

Your address:

Telephone number:

Membership of a professional body
e.g. Equity (please include membership number):

Have you undertaken any formal training at a recognised drama school?
(please include dates & full or part-time):

Do you have any personal web links or site?
(Spotlight, Agents, CCP etc.)

Please list recent professional engagements (last 12 months) or previous experience:

In addition to acting, do you have other expertise in the industry?
(writing, directing, stage management etc.)

What would you hope to get from being part of an actors' network?

What activities would you like to get involved with?
(Attend workshops, skills sharing, help with organisation etc.):

Do you know any OAN members?

Would you be willing to assist in organising OAN activities?
(If yes, list any preferences)

I agree to pay the annual subscription fee.

If possible, please e-mail a CV to membership@oxford-actors.net




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