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The first dance of May Morning (Bonny Green from Bucknell) with 'Jack in the Green', Oxford 2002.
Tour 89, CROATIA 2002
Upton-upon-Severn Stick Dance
photo: LCD
Ring o'Bells, Lichfield
photo: LCD
Badger's Shepherd's Hey, Headington, in Split
photo: LCD
North Skelton (Long Sword) on the back of the ferry to Dubrovnik.
photo: PS
North Skelton
1st Figure, double under.
photo: LCD
North Skelton, a Rose.
photo: LCD
The Golden Jubilee Tour 90, Fairford 2002

The Ancient Men & The Travelling Morrice
Outside the 'Jolly Tar'
photo: DH
The 'Golden Oldies' of 1952
photo: GG
Ring o'Bells, Lichfield
'Country Gardens' at Kempsford'
photo: CS
photo: CS
Tour 91, The Mari El Republic, Russia 2003
A Forrest jig
photo: GG
The Tour bus! 

Photo credits:

  • LCD: Elsie Dunin
  • GG: Garry Gibbons
  • DH: Davey Hannington
  • PS: Peter Smith
  • CS: Chris Sheffield

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