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Summer 2015

Summer has passed and we've had some great times in the pubs around Oxford, a wonderful Tour around West Clare, Ireland. But the most unusual highlight has been the making of the video accompanying 'Apparition' by Stealing Sheep along with our good friends Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers!

Apparition in Turville

also in The Guardian

May Morning 2015
Joining us on May Morning this year in Oxford were Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers, Adderbury Morris, Charlbury Morris, Crendon Morris, Cry Havoc Botley Morris, Icknield Way Morris Men, Old Speckled Hen NW Clog Morris, Summertown Morris and of course our good chums, Oxford City Morris Men.

Practices are held on Wednesday evenings during the Winter at St Baranbas School, Jericho. Why not come & join us?
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May Morning 2010

The Little Men 2010
'Bonny Green', Bucknell
Radcliffe Square
The Little Men 2010
Kim, James, Andrew, Tim, Jo
Horwich Prize Medal Morris Men
Ashmolean Museum

Tours of the Ancient Men

The 100th Tour took us to Uganda to help celebrate St George's Day, 2008.
We returned to Africa with a Tour to Kenya in April 2009.

(l to r) John Stott, David Henthorn, John Corlett, Gerard Robinson, Neil McKay
(front row) John Dawson, Garry Gibbons

The Ancient Men performing Young Collins (Bledington) at the Equator on 23rd April 2008.
(0 0' 0.00", +32 2' 23.21" according to GPS)

An on-line 'Google map' of the Tours is now available, as is the Google 'photo album'.

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  • Practices take place on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm to 9.00pm at St Barnabas School in Jerico from October to April, in collaboration with Oxford City Morris Men. New members are always welcome.

60 Years young and still going strong!

The Ancient Men undertook their first tour in 1952 which was based at Fairford, Gloucestershire in collaboration with The Travelling Morrice. Since then they toured far and wide, from New Mexico to Japan; more than 100 tours in over 12 countries. To celebrate our Golden Jubilee we revisited the very first tour during August 2002, also accompanied by The Travelling Morrice. In 2012 the Diamond Jubilee Tour was based near Pontadawe, in South Wales. The first and only recorded tour by Oxford University Mens Morris was based at Trefusis in Cornwall in 1929.


Previous year's tours:

(more evidence of our activity can be seen on Picasaweb and YouTube.)

  • Ancient Wiltshire 30 July - 6 August 2006, Tour 96.

Happy Chaps on the Wiltshire Tour. ('photos Tim Hutton)

left to right:
John Stott, Capt Bob, John Forrest, Tim Diaper (kneeling), Gerard Robinson, Badger Forrest-Blincoe (crouching), Garry Gibbons, Big John, Chris Sheffield

Contact details:

The Squire
Sam Doolin   Squire @
The Bagman
Jennifer Norris   Bagman @
The Cyber-Squire & Senior Member for OUMM
Gerard Robinson   CyberSquire @

Information regarding activies in the area, including a list of local morris sides, can be obtained from: Oxfordshire Folk Association


  • ' Tradition is a burden imposed by the dead on the living.' Radio 4, Today Programme, 1996
  • 'Not every tradition, however entrenched, is attractive. Some should be closed down immediately.' Anon.
  • 'Multiplicanda non sunt rea plurima quam oportet' - William of Occam

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